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Who to include in Strategy
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Obviously the top management team is going to be included in strategymaking. But who else?
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Strategy workshops and away days
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Ritualizing strategic thinking: the effectiveness of the strategic away day
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Developing Strategy Capabilities

We believe that strategy is best made and delivered by involving people and maximising their understanding and commitment.

Sometimes, however, not all managers throughout the organisation will have the capabilities or the confidence to contribute meaningfully to the ‘strategic conversation’. Sometimes, too,  management teams may not have the kind of ‘shared language’ necessary for working closely together on their strategy.

We have decades of experience in working with managers at all levels and from every continent in developing strategy capabilities and strategic understanding. We have also been working with the Institute of Directors on research into how senior managers ‘learn to strategise’ (explore our Thought Leadership pages and watch our vodcast).

As strategy tutors experienced in working with executives we can help develop an understanding of the key tools, techniques and concepts required for good strategic conversation. We can also work on building the confidence and the discipline necessary for teams to give the time and commitment required for genuine strategy work.

We can develop strategic capabilities in your organisation by, for example:

  • providing strategy development workshops to your managers, working with them to build the knowledge, confidence and discipline for rigorous strategy work
  • supporting strategy projects, in which managers work together in exploring strategic issues in-depth over time, finally presenting polished and actionable proposals to their senior managers
  • facilitating ‘strategic conversations’ between senior managers and managers throughout the organisation, at away-days and similar meetings
  • Provide one-to-one high powered strategy mentoring to key leaders of strategy in your organisation.

If you want to develop the strategic capabilities of your organisation, talk to us, some of Europe’s leaders in strategy education and development

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