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Competence Analysis
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A key question we often raise with our Strategy Explorer clients when they are thinking about their strategy is: what should that strategy be built on ?
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Advanced Analysis or Deep Dives

Strategy work can sometimes be very frustrating. You can get superficial agreement, but often people are left with a nagging feeling that tough issues have been smoothed over, or that, after a whole lot of work, the analysis is not much different from last year’s. 

We can also help you undertake the kind of advanced analysis required that can deliver the level of questioning required; to probe deeper – delivering ‘deep dives’ into either your strategy as a whole or into particular issues within it.

We will bring relevant powerful tools and techniques as well an independence of mind to help you explore a whole lot further than ‘strategy-as-usual’. For example, we can help you:

  • Scan the business environment and consider future scenarios
  • Undertake competitor analyses which help you understand your true advantages in the market-place
  • Identify core competences that provide a robust guide to what you should do, and not do, in developing a competitive strategy
  • Consider the bases of competitive strategies that can achieve real competitive advantage
  • Help you develop mission and vision statements that really mean something
  • Consider the bases of strategy implementation and change
  • Provide access to a high-calibre network of associates who can help you dive deeper into a range of areas: Shareholder Value; Designing Organisational Change; Strategy-linked Financial Evaluation

In doing this we can bring an expertise in working with you and your team. For example we can:

Design and facilitate workshops or away days focused on analysing strategic issues.

Facilitate project-teams working in-depth on strategic issues over time. We can input new perspectives, challenge teams to go that bit further, and provide process guidance right from project design to project delivery.

At Strategy Explorers, we are committed to genuine exploration based upon deep and joint analysis. If you want take your strategy forward, just get in touch.

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