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Leadership Development

Whether your organisation is facing a period of strategy change or it is in a relatively steady state, the need to continually Develop Your Talent Pool is ever present.

The journey from management to leadership is a well-travelled but difficult path. Most organisations have discovered that this journey is best undertaken with guided, level-appropriate development delivered by  skilled practitioners.

At Strategy Explorers we have experience in the design and delivery of bespoke leadership development programmes across a range of sectors and industries. We have two key differentiators that make our leadership development stand-out.

  • Unique aspects
  • Bespoke Philosophy

Unique Aspects: We are able to draw upon our own unique research to focus in on specific aspects of leadership development. Our development specialist Dr Phyl Johnson has been researching Strategic leadership over many years and with her team of associates is involved in the generation of new knowledge that can be used to upgrade your talent management.  

Bespoke Philosophy: We don’t deliver a one-size fits all approach to  leadership development but design a bespoke piece every time: we make all aspects of cutting edge thinking in leadership work for you.

We are able to deliver leadership development for large numbers (see Scottish Widows) or smaller numbers (see NHS 24) of leaders. And are able to design multi-level programmes that suit your range of talent from levels we would describe as  developing to excelling.

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