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Cultural Web
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One of the main problems organisations face in managing strategic change is effecting changes in organisational culture. We have used a powerful tool the Cultural Web to help managers address the challenge of strategy driven cultural change
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Culture, Strategy and Change from the Creator of the Cultural Web

There are three reasons why it is important to think of strategy in relation to organisational culture. The first is because changes in strategy usually involve culture change to some extent.  At the very least, the question has to be asked to what extent a change of culture is required. 

Second, if culture change is required then how will it be achieved ?  The challenge of managing culture change is at least as great as developing the strategy itself. 

There is a third reason for thinking about your organisation’s culture in relation to strategy.  In many respects organisational culture drives strategy.  It acts to filter and make sense of your organisational world.  It also, very likely, informs and constrains the questions that are asked about the current strategy.  So understanding what that culture is and how it drives strategy is also important.  In the absence of doing this managers may not ask the challenging questions that managing strategy entails. 

So what is the culture of your organisation?  How does it inform the current strategy?  How might it be challenged and questioned usefully?  And what is involved in managing culture change.  Our culture web framework is widely regarded as one of the most useful ways of thinking through the relationship of strategy and cultureGerry Johnson’s research is the origin of the Culture Web, and Gerry has been and continues to be the world-wide authority on its application and use.  He and our network of associates are highly skilled in using this accessible tool to help leaders see and change the culture that surrounds them.

Our work using the Culture Web can take the form of workshops for large and small groups that enable leaders at all levels of the organisation to first see and then design or interpret culture change.

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