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The Fragility of the CEO
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The top job, the aspirational role, the career move you want to be your next:or is it ?
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Emotional Intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence, emotional literacy or social and emotional awareness has been one of the boom business concepts since the late 1990s and it doesn't look like changing any time soon
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One-to-One Personal Development and leadership coaching

Leading strategy development takes most CEOs and Senior Executives into challenging territory in terms of their own leadership style and leadership behaviours.

Just as CEOs and Executives are the architects of a strategy, they must also be its role models and advocates in terms of their own leadership behaviour.

As part of our holistic and integrated consultancy, we recommend that all strategy development work is accompanied by personal and leadership development in the top team of your organization. In short, if you know what your strategy needs to look like – do you know what you need to be like to deliver it ?

We draw on the unique skill set of our Partner and associate network to offer one-to-one personal development before, during or after a period of strategic change. At the heart of this area of our consultancy is Dr Phyl Johnson. Her area of expertise is the psychology of senior executive teams, boards of directors and their strategic decision making. Her PhD and publications all connect the strategic work of executives with their own personal skill set. Moreover her extensive psychology training means she is well placed to help executives explore and accelerate their own leadership and personal development.

Accessing our high calibre personal development and coaching for your Executive and Non-Executive Directors links you into leading edge evidence based practice as we research and develop new ways to achieve high performance leadership.

To find our more about our work in Personal & Leadership Development for Executives and Non-Executives visit our Thought Leadership pieces. We observe a strict confidentiality and anonymity approach to personal coaching and therefore do not release client cases studies in this area of our work.

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