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High Powered Strategy Mentorship

Two of our Partners at Strategy Explorers are among the best known and most widely respected Professors of Strategic Management in the UK.

They have lead, coached, developed and taught thousands of students through their MBA journeys at several of the UK’s leading Business Schools as well as working as mentors to Strategy Directors, CEOs and other senior executive and non-executive directors. And, as the authors of Europe’s best selling strategy text book – Exploring Corporate Strategy – they are extremely well placed to coach senior executives in advanced understanding of strategic analysis, development and implementation.

Keeping your skills sharp as a strategist means keeping your own knowledge of strategy and the management of strategy as up-to-date and critically reflective as possible. At Strategy Explorers, there are two routes you can use to access High Powered Strategy Mentorship with Gerry or Richard these are:

  • One-to-One Strategy Mentoring
  • Group Strategy Mentoring
One-to-One Strategy Mentoring

With one of our Strategy Partners this means working in an exclusive one-to-one relationship to work on your professional development and spend dedicated time on your current challenges in the development of strategy. Gerry and Richard are able to bring their experience and expertise to challenge and help develop senior executives in this way. One-to-One Strategy Mentoring can be arranged by contacting us to check Gerry and Richard’s availability to work with new mentees and to discuss the way of working that will work best for you.

Group Mentoring

Strategy Explorers offer a limited number of places for senior executives on their annual Strategy Mentorship Programme. This programme brings together a small cohort of CEOs or Executive Directors under the mentorship of either Professor Gerry Johnson or Professor Richard Whittington. Each cohort meets once a quarter at one of our Business School locations and are lead by their Professor in exploration, debate and the development of their intellectual understanding of strategy analysis, development and implementation. One-to-One personal development via our Psychology partner is also available at these quarterly events.

  • Quarterly Meetings
  • Part of a small cohort
  • Business School location
  • Leadership / Psychological Profiling

This is a unique and highly tailored service. We deliberately limit space on our strategy mentorship programme in order to preserve the richness of the experience for each of our mentees.
We do not recommend this approach for complete Executive Teams. There is a strong emphasis on Exploration in our Strategy Mentorship Programme and our mentees operate best when free from their organizational connections.

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