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Executive Team Development

Teams at the top are rarely genuine teams and neither do they need to be.

When Executive Teams and Boards of Directors meet to carry out their shared work, they do not need to perform like a team but rather execute a different kind of specialised collective behaviour.If an Executive Team or Board of Directors can learn to achieve this highly effective form of collective behaviour they are likely to significantly improve the quality of their strategic conversations.But, the non-teamness of Executive Teams often means that they forget to audit the effectiveness of the collective time they spend together ‘doing’ strategy and ‘being’ the strategic leadership of the organization.

We strongly advocate the simultaneous development of strategy and strategic teams to enable each to inspire the other.

At Strategy Explorers, we are able to draw on our own unique areas of management research and psychology practice to help Executive Teams and/or Boards of Directors audit and improve their effectiveness. Importantly we are able to weave this Executive Team development into the strategy development process: we don’t separate team development from strategy so you don’t have to.

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