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The Fragility of the CEO

YOU | One-to-One personal development

Whitepaper: The-Fragility-of-the-CEO.pdf 146k.

The top job, the aspirational role, the career move you want to be your next: or is it ?
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Emotional Intelligence

YOU | One-to-One personal development

Whitepaper: Emotional-Intelligence.pdf 146k.

Emotional Intelligence, emotional literacy or social and emotional awareness has been one of the boom business concepts since the late 1990s and it doesn't look like changing any time soon
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Cultural Web


Whitepaper: Culture-Web.pdf 176k.

One of the main problems organisations face in managing strategic change is effecting changes in organisational culture. We have used a powerful tool the Cultural Web to help managers address the challenge of strategy driven cultural change
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Competence Analysis

YOUR STRATEGY | Deep Dive Analysis

Whitepaper: Competence-Analysis.pdf 230k.

A key question we often raise with our Strategy Explorer clients when they are thinking about their strategy is: what should that strategy be built on ?
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Do you have a competitive strategy ?

YOUR STRATEGY | Strategic Questioning and Probing

Whitepaper: Do-you-have-a-competitive-strategy.pdf 221k.

Many managers talk about the importance of developing an effective competitive strategy. But what are the bases of an effective competitive strategy?
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YOUR STRATEGY | Strategic Questioning and Probing

Whitepaper: Not-SWOT.pdf 525k.

Everybody knows how to do a SWOT analysis.The trouble is SWOT analyses get routine.Time then for BWOT Analysis.
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Who to include in Strategy

YOUR STRATEGY | Developing Strategy Capability.asp

Whitepaper: Who-to-include-in-strategy.pdf 1,180k.

Obviously the top management team is going to be included in strategymaking. But who else?
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Strategy workshops and away days

YOUR STRATEGY | Strategic Questioning,Developing Capability | YOUR ORGANISATION | Building Commitment

Whitepaper: Workshops.pdf 49k.

Ritualizing strategic thinking: the effectiveness of the strategic away day
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